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Anonymous whispered, "I feel like the OQ kiss was more "romantic" and the CS kiss had more of a "lust" (and that's NOT me saying CS is just lust because if that isn't true love I should just give up now) vibe. Not gonna lie though, I expected more, I dunno, passion I guess, from Lana and Sean"


*cracks knuckles*

So, let me tell you something. The first second after I’ve seen the kiss I was like … okay, that should have been more but it only lasted one second.

You wanna know why?

Because I actually put myself into their shoes. Regina kissed him completely out of the blue. There hadn’t been months of build-up before, no flirtatious behavior or eye-sex like with CS. All the flirting they had was in Zelena’s house.

So yeah, it couldn’t have been passionate because she totally took Robin by surprise with her ‘attack’ because let’s be real it was an attack (and oh my God, I loved it).

Because have you seen his face after the kiss?


He is completely stunned like … ‘What the hell just happened here?’ stunned. Regina just kissed him. The Evil Queen just kissed him and he can’t believe it really happened.

And Regina looks like … ‘Oh my God, what did I just do? Why did I kiss him? What if he didn’t want me? What if I have misread the signs? What if he isn’t my true love? But holy fuck, the kiss was good.’


but she is clearly a second away from bolting when this happens …


Because Robin is like … ‘Oh my God, yes. Thank mother Jesus. Yes.’ and dives in for the second kiss.

CS was a kiss that was months in the making. Months! The OQ kiss was more a spur of the moment kiss coming from Regina. Zelena told her she never takes a risk, Snow told her she should not hold back so she decided … ‘What the heck, let’s risk it!’.

So, I’m not disappointed because that’s how it would actually happen in real life and let’s be real here. They couldn’t show more because if they want to stay true to reality their clothes would be flying off a few seconds later because she came to HIM and kissed HIM.

Yeah, no doubt about it. The moment the screen went black they had wild sex but of course they can’t show that. :-)

(But I wrote about it.)

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Anonymous whispered, "can you give a summary of the latest spoilers??"


Important bits:

Michael Socha (Knave) looks set to join OUAT. However, what happens with Anastasia is to be revealed.

MRJ can always come back in flashbacks.

We’ll see Ruby again.

We’ll see Katherine (!) again.

Season finale written as one entity and will be 2 hours; will be something fans didn’t know they wanted.

Season 4 in planning stages but seeds of it are in the finale. 

It will also continue to be broken up; 4A and 4B.

Josh said that the tv/real life pregnancy of his wife feeds one another. 

Like in Neverland, everyone has to pull together to defeat the villain since she wants something from everyone. 

In regards to Season 4, Josh said in the season finale we should “wait to see who we’re going to meet” because that’s part of the next arc. (Michael Socha, maybe?)

Josh talked about Snowing’s relationship as being absolute equals, as well as the character development David has had since Storybrooke to now, and found his way back to Charming.

The heart of the show is truly hope, who is represented by Emma. Everyone puts their hope on/in her, which can be a burden for her. 

Not a whole lot with the Rebecca interview but it’s worth a watch; she talked about how her experiences informed the character and what’s it like coming on OUAT. She’s also hilarious!

Soon the show will go back to Oz and Zelena will have some good scenes with Glinda.

She said she was specifically told to not even tease what Zelena wants with the baby, so that’s interesting.

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asoiaf/got meme: 6/6 Outfits

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daddy!robin appreciation post

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"I swear on Emma Swan"

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